Sarah is fantastic! She provided the support and encouragement that I needed during the birth of my first child..

Sarah is fantastic! She provided the support and encouragement that I needed during the birth of my first child. She made sure that I was informed and knew what to expect. She lent me books and videos, as well as sharing information from her experiences. I appreciated her guidance as she told me decisions that I should think about beforehand, so that I wouldn’t have to think about them during labor. During early labor, she gave me massages to help me relax and suggested different positions that would help my labor progress. I was able to handle the pain because of the techniques she used to help me manage the contractions and to keep me as comfortable as possible. I appreciated that Sarah helped my husband to know how to be a part of the experience. She suggested ways he could support me and showed him how to help relieve the pain of contractions. It was wonderful to have two people supporting me, because they were both able to take breaks without leaving me alone. Sarah stayed with me after my son was born until we had established breast feeding and were all settled down to get some rest, even though it had been over 24 hours since I had woken her up in the middle of the night with the news that my water had broken. I also appreciated that Sarah checked in on us after we brought our son home. She is an excellent breast feeding resource and answered questions I had about taking care of a newborn and what is normal.

Sarah was invaluable to us! I can’t imagine what labor would have been like without her. She enabled me to have the birth experience that I wanted. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. She is warm and friendly and made me feel comfortable sharing such an intimate experience with her. I will be contacting her for the births of our future children.

– Ashley O’Neil

Incredibly Friendly and Warm

From the moment we met Sarah, my husband and I knew that she would make a great addition our birthing team. She is incredibly friendly and warm; the kind of person you know will have your best interests at heart. And despite her personal experiences or beliefs, she was 100% supportive of what we wanted for our birth. I definitely wanted a natural birth but being a first time mom, I was unsure I would be able to make it the whole way through. I am confident that Sarah is a big part of the reason I was able to.

As soon as Sarah arrived at our house, she was completely hands on and ready to rock. Before we left for the hospital, she made sure I had a hearty snack and didn’t leave my side while my husband packed up the car. During the contractions, her techniques of heat and hip pressure (along with my husband’s love and encouraging words) were the only thing that got me through to the next one. She made sure my husband kept me hydrated and offered words of support and encouragement every time I moaned in pain. Not only did she provide amazing physical and emotional support, but she was my advocate at every turn, ensuring the hospital staff (including the doctor) knew my plans for a natural birth.

When our son finally entered the world, Sarah was quick with the camera and captured the most amazing shots of his first moments in our lives. Looking back on what was basically my ideal birth, I could not imagine it without Sarah. There are not enough words to express our gratitude for having her as a part of this amazing experience. I definitely don’t want to imagine any future births without her and know we will have her on our team again!

– Kristin Kepler

Sarah knows what a woman wants in labor

For my 6th birth, I hired Sarah as my doula. This was my 5th home birth, and I was pretty comfortable with having a baby at home. I knew for this birth, I really needed to trust my birth team, and I did 100%.

Being a Mother herself, Sarah knows what a woman wants in labor. She knew just where to put pressure on my back, when I needed a cold wash cloth, when to be quiet, and when to make me laugh. Even though she was pregnant herself, she still leaned over the birth tub to give me pressure when I needed it on my back. During labor, I really like my husband by my head. I like to hold his hands and look into his eyes to help ground me. It was so great to have Sarah offering physical support so he could be where I needed him.
A consummate professional, she knows her job and does it well.

After the baby was born, he had a little trouble starting to breathe. Sarah was calm while the midwives worked on him and held that sacred space for us.

She prepared my herbal bath after his birth, and made sure I was taken care of. Had I left it up to my husband to do the herbal bath and make sure I was eating and drinking, it wouldn’t have happened. Sarah also made sure I ate something with protein after the baby was born as well as was drinking lots of water.

I am a firm believer in having doulas, and have had 3 doulas at my various births. Sarah was by far the best doula I have ever had. If I was to have another baby, I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

– Kim (mother of 6)

Our birth experience was everything we hoped for, and more

Our birth experience was everything we hoped for, and more. I remember when Sarah asked me why I wanted to hire a doula, and the only response I had was, “Well, I know that statistically speaking, women who have a doula are more likely to make it through labor without interventions. But I honestly don’t know what a doula does.” Well, now I do! I think it’s harder for the mother to put into words because there are so many things doulas do that go unnoticed by the mother- which is the point! Sarah made sure all I had to do was focus on my body and by baby. I know my husband was so happy to have her there, as well. A couple of days later, my husband and I were reflecting on the experience, and he asked, “How do other people go through that without a doula?” Sarah talked him though each phase so he never felt lost, showed him how to help me, and “tag-teamed” when he needed a break. During labor, the thing I remember most was Sarah’s encouragement. She knew just what I needed to hear to ease my fears and boost my confidence when I felt like I couldn’t go on any longer. I had so many fears about having a hospital birth, but after speaking with Sarah, I was able to stop obsessing over it, and now looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing! I truly believe that having such a positive birth experience has made the transition to parenthood so much easier for us. The last few weeks with our daughter have been bliss. The birth of a child, especially your first, is something you will remember for the rest of your life. Thanks to Sarah, we have nothing but positive memories to look back on, forever.

– Sophia

She tuned in to my labor “style” and showed support and complete understanding…

When I fell pregnant in 2010, I felt like the luckiest woman on the planet to have Sarah as my doula. Sharing her knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth and opening up a world of information. She inspired me to work harder in doing research myself and helped me to find the perfect setting for our son to be born, suggesting plenty of options of where I wouldn’t have to be worried about having an unnecessary caesarean.

Being a first time Mummy, I had no idea of what I would require from my support team during childbirth-even once my waters had broken and labor had begun! But Sarah did! Somehow she tuned in to my labor “style” and showed support and complete understanding. From swaying with me on the fit ball, applying pressure to my lower back, humming and “aah’ing” along with me, to fitting in the tiny space against the wall while I was in the tub and applying cold cloths to my neck and forehead. I remember the assistant who wanted to give me the background story of homeopathic remedies while I was in active labor and I was so appreciative of Sarah’s understanding that the assistant was too loud and chatty for me at that point-Sarah whispered in my ear “Is she annoying you?” YES, she was! Sarah was just so in tune!

I want everyone to know how amazing Sarah is and I don’t know how our experience would have been without her. Unfortunately we live half way across the world from each other now, but if it were possible, I would fly her over for our next child’s birth!
We thank you her from the bottom of our hearts!

– Debbie Day

She was a teammate and there isn’t anyone at a hospital that fills that role…

I know my wife and I would have managed to get through the birth of our child on our own if we had to but I also know how smoothly and wonderfully it went with Sarah there at our aid. After two pregnancies, my wife and I were open to trying natural birth methods and decided to use our friend Sarah as our doula. I am so thankful we live close to her and her family because I am not sure we would have thought to use a doula service otherwise.

For several months before the birth, Sarah was routinely checking in on my wife and I and helped us prepare for our son’t arrival. I knew it would be a good idea to have her there with her expertise, but it wasn’t until the active labor hours did I know it was a great idea! I can show my wife all the compassion in the world during this sensitive time however, I cannot understand and know her condition like Sarah could. She was always a step ahead of me and had great foresight while we cared for my wife. She would suggest and try different things while staying consistent with methods that were working and listening to our thoughts and needs. Never did I feel like she was pushing her ideas or overstepping her boundaries.

During labor, it was wonderful to have support not only for my wife but also for myself! She was a teammate and there isn’t anyone at a hospital that fills that role. We really did like all the hospital staff and our overall experience with them. With Sarah there, I could ask her any questions I didn’t want to ask the hospital staff. I could also bounce ideas and thoughts off of her to get her perspective on the events and to see if she was seeing things the way I was. As the father, I was very grateful that she was there to step up into those spots that I knew I was lacking in. If we ever were to have another child, we would most definitely desire her services! I would absolutely refer her services to any couple for the pregnancy and birth of their child. You will not regret using her!

– John Michael Hairston

I do not know if I would have been able to get through it without Sarah…

My experience with Sarah as my doula was a great one. I had previously delivered my last child in a hospital using an epidural. This time I discussed natural childbirth with Sarah and decided it was the way I wanted to deliver. She was more than willing to share her knowledge and literature with me on various birthing classes and ways of thinking.

Sarah met with us a couple of times prior to the birth to discuss what we like/dislike and what might happen. She was knowledgeable, but not pushy about everything, which I greatly appreciated. I feel that Sarah would have been more than happy to meet another time if we felt that we needed it. She also took the extra time and effort to take a tour of the labor and delivery ward at my hospital in order to meet the nurses and familiarize herself with the setting in preparation for the delivery.

As far as the actual event, Sarah was prompt when I called her to take a walk with me once my contractions were regularly 6-7 min apart. We took a brisk walk, hung out at our house for a while, and then headed to the hospital with contractions 3 min apart. Throughout the entire time, Sarah was very calm but excited. She truly felt the joy we did for the welcoming of our precious little boy.

At the hospital, Sarah was quick to make sure we had everything we needed including birthing ball, blankets, music, water and energy drinks. It’s a good thing she did, because I know that my husband and I were not thinking about that! She would calmly, but regularly stick that straw in front of me to remind me how badly I needed those fluids. We made it though without having to have an IV thanks to her.

What I appreciated the most about having Sarah as a doula was how willing she was to massage, get a cool washcloth, and mainly compress my pelvis with EVERY contraction once they were unbearable. My husband was my comfort, and whom I leaned upon, but Sarah gave everything to decrease the pressure in my back. She had to be tired and getting sore, but she never complained or gave up. I was able to safely deliver my precious little boy naturally with the enormous amount of support from my husband and Sarah. I do not know if I would have been able to get through it without them.

– Karen Hairston

Sarah made the whole experience less stressful and more calm for me…

After suffering a miscarriage the prior year, I was both thrilled and nervous to be pregnant again. Plus my husband worked out of town and I was concerned that if anything happened I would be all alone.

I hired Sarah to be my Doula to ease my fears and to be a back up in case my hubby wasn’t there when I went into labor. She was always there to talk to me if I started to get nervous after an appointment, or to answer any questions I may have. Towards the end of my pregnancy I developed pregnancy hypertension and had to be put on bed rest. Sarah called regularly to check on me and make sure I was okay.

At 37 weeks I ended up having to be induced and Sarah was there bright and early that morning to support me and my Hubby in any way we needed. Her techniques of using heat and pressure got me through some very intense contractions without an epidural since natural labor was my goal, and when I decided I needed an epidural she supported me in that decision too. She was there until my sweet baby boy was born, and even took some pictures so my Hubby could focus on me and his new son.

She also came by and visited us after the baby was born to snuggle with him and help me with breastfeeding. Sarah made the whole experience less stressful and more calm for me. I could not have done this without her. Even my Hubby said he wished she could have been there when our older son was born. Being a Doula is more than a job for her, it really is her calling. Thank you Sarah for making such a special day even better!

-Sunshine Peña