What if an Epidural is an Option for Me During My Birth? Would I Still Benefit From Your Assistance?

This is your birth! My job is to ensure that your birth is as close to your vision as possible, regardless of the agenda. I will encourage you to make educated decisions, and assist you with doing so. If you decide before/during your birth to receive an epidural, I will still support you. Even after receiving an epidural, a doula can be key in helping to minimize side effects, as well as ensure that you are still respected in your desires for your birth. Pain relief is not the only factor in experiencing a satisfying birth. A doula’s services are invaluable even with an epidural administered. Remember, most of the time a woman is required to labor to a certain point before the epidural is administered. I can help you to remain relaxed and stay by your side if your partner needs a nap or a meal. I can help support you physically and emotionally during the pushing phase of your labor as well as initial breastfeeding assistance.

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